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Why Fathers' Rights?

The Dadvocates team understand first hand what it's like for children not to have access to their fathers. They also understand that children who are the product of divorce or separation have a better quality of life outcome when their fathers are heavily involved in their lives. Our firm has a nearly perfect success rate advocating for fathers and men in Colorado divorce courts. We have successfully represented men across the state with the following: obtaining equal or primary custody of very young children, getting maintenance or spousal support from higher-earning spouses, reducing the maintenance or spousal support obligation by proving that the other spouse is self-sufficient, protecting assets, terminating vexatious protection orders, quashing unfounded vindictive claims of domestic violence, and much more. Our attorneys understand that men have historically faced insurmountable disadvantages in court when a family breaks up. Our attorneys understand that the heavy burden placed on men in divorce feels like a legal punishment for being a good husband, father, and provider. At The Dadvocates, it is our goal to educate the court about the true facts of your case and to divest the other party from using sexist stereotypes to win. We strive for the wellbeing of the children involved, and to us, that means as much time with Dad as possible!

Expert Criminal Defense Philosphy

At The Dadvocates, we provide criminal defense services that run the gamut from simple misdemeanors to the most serious felonies, including violent crimes such as drug charges, weapons charges, trafficking, sexual assault, murder, and more. We provide tough yet compassionate counsel to those facing fairly minor or serious criminal charges throughout the State of Colorado and Denver Metro area. Our mission is to ensure that you do not take a plea unless that is actually the best outcome for you and to ensure the best results at trial.  Our highly skilled lead criminal defense attorney, Jason E. Arenstein, has successfully litigated high profile, highly publicized cases and has been trained by the best and most prominent celebrity and high profile criminal defense attorneys in the States of Colorado and Ohio. Our criminal defense team is well recognized and respected in the Denver Metro area and Colorado court systems for the outstanding results we produce for our clients whether in settlement or trial. You can feel confident that our team will offer sound guidance and aggressive representation in matters involving the most minor of misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. 

Our Family Law Mission

Our family law mission is to make sure that every man facing divorce or separation has equal access to his children and that he has enough financial integrity left after the case is finalized to live with honor and dignity. 
Abdul A

Abdul A

Oct 25, 2018

The Dadvocates is one the best and most experienced family attorney in the Denver area. they are very down to earth and able to explain the legal process with best possible outcome. they communicated very well with my case. I would highly suggest The Dadvocates as an attorney. and I would always recommend them. View On Google +


July 24, 2018

Samera is kind, attentive, understanding, tough, and brilliant! I was referred to her by a legal professional who associates with some of the finest Family Law attorneys in the state, and she was everything he said she was.

If you are involved with a divorce or custody case, you definitely need to call her! View On Avvo

Our Criminal Defense Mission

Our aggressive and tenacious criminal defense team is committed to providing clients professional, responsive, and expert defense work. We strive to remain competitive in the constantly changing market for defense legal services by creating and implementing innovative and effective methods for providing cost-effective, quality representation, that leads to the best possible outcomes whether in settlement or trial. 
Criminal Defense Services

What makes the Dadvocates the go-to firm for men's family law and criminal defense matters?

The Dadvocates is a team of highly specialized attorneys who focus on men’s issues in Colorado criminal and family law courts. They have tried hundreds of cases in front of local Colorado judges and juries. Our family law and criminal defense teams are separate and distinct from each other, with each team practicing 100% in their specific area of law for over a decade. They understand your case from beginning to end including the nuances that you will be faced with due to the judicial officer or jury hearing your matter. From the inception of each case, we create a carefully crafted long term legal strategy in order to maximize the possibility of multiple positive outcomes. Many attorneys push their clients into signing subpar settlement agreements or plea deals because they are simply afraid of the arduous task of preparing for and attending trial. The Dadvocates philosophy is, “If you’re offering our client his worst day in court then we will definitely go to court and at least try to get something better.” This philosophy has worked 100% of the time. Every attorney on our team is trained based on our Litigation Focused Methodology. Litigation Focused Methodology is a method of legal practice and representation wherein the attorney prepares the case and plans on taking it to trial in order to obtain the best possible outcome based on strategy and preparation, while remaining open to reasonable settlement negotiations. We do not settle for anything less than we will likely get in court. Our family law and criminal law teams can relay countless cases where our clients had been bullied by the opposing side or prosecution, and sometimes by their own prior counsel, into entering into a subpar, one sided, and unfair settlement agreement or plea bargains, and we got them much better at trial. With The Dadvocates at your family law or criminal law trial, you will leave a winner! 

Founding Attorney Samera I. Habib

image of samera habib
Founder and Managing Attorney Samera I. Habib

As a skilled Colorado family law expert, Super-Lawyer, and licensed Child and Family Investigator, Samera Habib can review and resolve complex family matters with creative and intelligent solutions for men and fathers who feel the system is against them. Samera is also an expert in parental alienation cases. Although she is settlement minded, she is a strong litigator when trial becomes necessary. Her team has handled a variety of fathers' and men's rights cases, including those involving international custody disputes and child kidnapping. Samera has also successfully obtained modifications of parenting and financial orders that were too burdensome or impossible for her clients. The courts routinely issue orders whereby fathers do not get to see their children or have to pay more in monthly bills and support that their net income allows. Those orders can be overturned and modified if your facts permit, especially with Samera and The Dadvocates by your side. 

Meet Samera

Partner and Family Law Attorney
Kaitlyn M. Wright

Partner Kaitlyn M. Wright

As an Ivy League law school graduate, Super Lawyer, certified Child and Family Investigator, and specialist in high conflict and complex family law matters, Kaitlyn Wright is skilled at resolving civil litigation issues with creative and well-reasoned solutions. In family law, Kaitlyn has successfully litigated and resolved complex international jurisdictional matters, cases with high asset multimillion-dollar estates and companies, and hotly contested child custody cases.  She also has a 100% success rate in obtaining awards of attorney fees when the case calls for it. 

Meet Kaitlyn

Lead Criminal Defense Attorney
Jason E. Arenstein

Jason Arenstein
Attorney Jason E. Arenstein

Jason Arenstein is a highly respected Colorado criminal defense attorney who specializes in all criminal defense matters and brings over a decade of complex criminal law litigation experience to his clients.  He gained his Colorado criminal defense experience working alongside one of Colorado's most prominent and well known criminal defense attorneys. 

Meet Jason

Family Law Attorney Danielle M. Rattray

Attorney Danielle M. Rattray

Danielle Rattray is a well known Colorado family law attorney who is respected by judges and colleagues. While she is settlement minded, she is known for her powerful trial preparation and presentation. Some of the most frequent feedback about Danielle is that opposing parties dread having her on the opposite side because she works hard, knows the law, and never gives up. With over 17 years of experience in the legal industry, Danielle understands the needs of her clients and the unique challenges they each face.  Prior to becoming a licensed attorney, Danielle spent several years working as a litigation paralegal in diverse practice areas, including family law.  

Meet Danielle

Family Law Attorney Knicky Van Goetz

Attorney Knicky Van Goetz

Knicky Van Goetz is an honest and assertive Colorado family law attorney with courtroom experience in over a dozen jurisdictions throughout the State of Colorado. Knicky is a devoted advocate for her clients, motivated to deliver favorable results, while helping navigate the often emotional and complex issues that arise in family law cases in an individualized manner.


Meet Knicky

Family Law Attorney Rachel Connor

Rachel Connor
Attorney Rachel Conner
Rachel Connor is a passionate family law attorney who zealously represents her clients throughout all stages of a case. Rachel is a skilled advocate and a compassionate representative able to skillfully navigate the emotionally charged issues that often arise within family law cases. Meet Rachel

Senior Paralegal Trish Wilkerson

Trish Wilkerson
Senior Paralegal Trish Wilkerson

Trish Wilkerson has been employed in the legal field for over 30 years specializing in Family Law and Criminal Defense.  She is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University and was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the National Society of Leadership and Success. She is a member of the Rocky Mountain Paralegal Association and a member of the the Colorado State Bar, Arapahoe County Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, College of the State Bar of Texas, and Bexar County Women’s Bar Association.

Meet Trish

Administrative Assistant Jamie Howell

Administrative Assistant Jamie Howell

Jamie Howell is our law firm’s administrative assistant. She attends Community College of Aurora, is majoring in business and is focusing her studies in accounting and finance. Upon obtaining her Associates of Arts degree in business, she plans to pursue her degree in international business studies and environmental science at Metropolitan State University. 

Jamie is a Colorado native and enjoys Colorado’s many outdoor activities, like camping and hiking with her boyfriend and dog Herb.  In her free time Jamie likes to dance and has been dancing since she was young.

Meet Jamie

Legal Services Financial Packages

At The Dadvocates, we realize that it is rare when someone budgets for legal matters. Because of this we have developed a variety of representation options that provide our clients with affordable high quality legal representation. With our firm you will not have any surprising bills that you can't afford. With us, you always know what you're paying. 

Ask about our tailored legal options at your complementary consultation.

Not only did we get the results we wanted, The Dadvocates are definitely the best at what they do and so is their entire team. I can’t thank them enough for all that they have done for me in both my family law and criminal law cases. Matthew - Client
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