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From DUI to white-collar criminal offenses, a conviction can jeopardize your access to your kids, your career, and so much more.

If you face criminal charges, you need a dedicated legal advocate who can protect your rights and prevent miscarriage of justice.

The Dadvocates help men and dads throughout California accused of criminal offenses, both minor and severe. We stand ready to defend you.

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If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, now is the time to act. Our criminal lawyers have helped many clients by having criminal charges reduced or dropped through compelling, evidence-based litigation. The Dadvocates have defense lawyers throughout the state who can dedicate themselves to providing the criminal defense services you need. Call a criminal defense lawyer now at (818) 824-5800.

The Dadvocates help men and dads throughout California accused of criminal offenses, both minor and severe.

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Although there are many legal measures in place to try and keep biases and stereotypes from affecting the outcome of divorce proceedings and custody hearings, the unfortunate reality is that men still face unique obstacles requiring the help of a litigator who knows how to circumvent them. Our lawyers are equally adept at protecting your rights in the wake of criminal charges and minimizing the ways in which these charges can affect your family.



As our client, you can expect that your interactions with us won't be confined to business hours. We can arrange to meet you at virtually any time that works for you. We also offer remote defense and family law services so that we can provide consultations and answer your questions regardless of whether you are available to meet in person. Communication is key when it comes to helping clients who face criminal charges, and our defense lawyers are committed to conforming to your schedule.

Our Criminal Law Practice Areas

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Our criminal defense lawyers throughout the state of California have helped men and fathers facing a variety of serious criminal charges that carry penalties that can affect you for the rest of your life. We are prepared to help protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome if you face:

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Our justice system isn't perfect, and it's all too easy for people to receive excessive punishment or suffer consequences for crimes they did not commit. There is too much to lose by facing the court system without a dedicated advocate who can fight to prevent a violation of your rights. Call us at (818) 824-5800 to speak to a criminal defense attorney at The Dadvoactes as soon as possible. We provide criminal defense services to men and fathers throughout the state of California.

There is too much to lose by facing the court system without a dedicated advocate who can fight to prevent a violation of your rights.

Your Relationship With Your Kids Could Be Affected By a Criminal Conviction

If you are divorced or separated from your child's other parent or if a custody arrangement is currently being decided, a criminal conviction could minimize your time with your children. It could also result in terminated parental rights. It is the court's responsibility to make decisions in the best interests of the child. Conviction of a violent crime will likely result in reduced time spent with your children. Meanwhile, being found guilty of crimes like child endangerment or child abuse could result in the complete loss of your parental rights.

In general, when a judge considers your criminal record, three important factors will influence their decision:

  • The severity of the crime
  • The amount of time that has passed
  • Whether the conviction was expunged

The best way to avoid having a criminal conviction affect your custody case is to prevent a conviction altogether. The Dadvocates frequently handle divorce and family law cases, and we firmly believe that fathers should play a prominent role in the upbringing of their children. If you are facing criminal charges, don't let false accusations, exaggerated claims, or shoddy police work affect your right to a presence in your children's lives. Let our criminal defense lawyer make sure the facts of your criminal case are brought to light so that you and your children avoid suffering consequences you don't deserve.

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Your Career Opportunities Are at Stake

Although California has measures in place that can momentarily limit an employer's visibility to your professional and educational background, they will eventually have the right to see your criminal record (minus any expungements, juvenile court records, or diversion programs) before making a decision about whether to hire you. 

Since 2018, California's "Ban the Box" laws have made it illegal for employers with five employees or more to inquire about an applicant's criminal history until a conditional job offer is on the table. At that point, the employer is within their rights to ask about any prior convictions. Meanwhile, employers do not have the right to ask about any arrests unless they pertain to an open case. Again, prevention is the key, and a defense attorney is the best means. 

Our justice system has its flaws. Misconduct on the part of law enforcement, malice on the part of accusers, and sexist stereotypes can all result in punishments that are disproportionate or totally unwarranted. Are you facing criminal charges that could hamper your ability to earn a living and support your family? Our criminal defense lawyers can analyze your criminal case piece by piece to safeguard your rights and prevent any failure on the part of our justice system from affecting your career.

Are You Facing Domestic Violence Charges? Our Criminal Defense Services Can Protect Your Rights

In California, domestic violence can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony. If the accused is a repeat offender or the resulting injuries were serious enough to warrant hospitalization, felony charges are most likely. Domestic violence can take many forms. It can include physical abuse, verbal abuse, sex crimes, as well as controlling an intimate partner's finances to a point where they are no longer independent. Although acts of domestic violence are serious crimes deserving of penalties, the truth is that these accusations can sometimes be made as a means of defamation, harassment, and gaining leverage in child custody cases

If you are facing domestic violence charges, your defense attorney from The Dadvocates will gather evidence in order to bring the truth to light. Your criminal defense attorney will do everything in their power to counter any accusations of a pattern of abuse, violence, or control and to clarify whether the incident amounts to a minor disagreement or misunderstanding. It is in your best interest to reach out to a criminal attorney right away if you face domestic violence charges.

DUI in California

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a crime that can be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony in California. Often, the prosecutor's choice comes down to how many prior DUI convictions you have, whether any of those convictions were felonies, and whether the accident resulted in physical injuries to other parties. A defense attorney is essential, regardless of the severity of the charges you face.

We Can Help You Beat DUI Charges


DUI is a serious offense in California that can result in steep fines and jail time. When DUI is committed in earnest, it places innocent people in danger and deserves punishment. But it's important to understand that there are many imperfections in the methods of identifying a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As a result, not everyone who is arrested for DUI has actually broken any laws. Our attorneys understand the strict protocol that law enforcement must follow when leveling these types of charges, and we are prepared to identify any mistakes that led to your arrest. In general, these mistakes will relate to:

  • The accused not being intoxicated
  • The driving not being impaired ("bad" driving doesn't necessarily mean the driver is intoxicated)
  • Improper procedures on the part of the arresting officer

If you have been charged with DUI, let our criminal defense attorneys go to work to make sure justice is truly upheld.

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When your freedom, your livelihood, and your relationship with your family are on the line, it's never too soon to reach out to an attorney who can provide the criminal defense services you need. We maintain maximum flexibility in order to meet your needs. Whether you need to talk on a weekday afternoon or have no other viable time other than a Sunday night, we will make ourselves available. Our law firm will also gladly arrange an online consultation if it suits you best. Call now:

(818) 824-5800

Our justice system has its flaws. Misconduct on the part of law enforcement, malice on the part of accusers, and sexist stereotypes can all result in punishments that are disproportionate or totally unwarranted.

California Criminal Law FAQ

First and foremost, we want you to know that there is absolutely no substitute for having a private consultation with a criminal defense attorney whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. But if you have already booked an appointment and are waiting to meet with a lawyer, we understand you are probably feeling anxious and have many questions. That is why we have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients:

What is a "wobbler" offense?

A "wobbler" offense is one that could be considered either a misdemeanor or a felony. In most cases, it is up to the prosecutor to decide which degree of charges will be brought against the accused. In the case of a DUI, for example, a prosecutor will likely bring misdemeanor charges if it was a first offense that resulted in no physical injuries to other parties. However, a person who is charged with a DUI following three previous DUI convictions in the span of 10 years will most likely face felony charges.

What's the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

To put it simply, a misdemeanor is a less serious crime, while a felony is a more serious offense with harsher penalties. In California, standard misdemeanors carry maximum jail sentences of under a year and fines of no more than $1,000, and these fines increase with the severity of the misdemeanor. Felonies are punishable by more than a year in jail and up to $10,000 in fines. 

I'm not guilty. Why should I bother hiring an attorney?

Because otherwise, it is going to be incredibly difficult to prove your innocence. Government prosecutors have vast resources at their disposal, and if you have been charged with a crime, you can expect that they are more than capable of building a case that could convince a judge and jury that you are guilty. Our attorneys have helped many clients by countering these charges and demonstrating that they don't fit the crime, rights were violated at some point, or that the accused party is absolutely innocent.

I have two strikes. If I am convicted of the felony charges I face, am I going to prison for 25 to life?

Under California's three-strikes law, it depends on whether the felony is violent or otherwise considered serious. For example, if you have been convicted of two felonies in the past and now face charges of possessing a drug with the intent to distribute (a nonviolent crime), you would probably not be subject to the punishment a third strike carries. On the other hand, if you are charged with armed robbery, a resulting conviction could incur the very harsh penalties of a third strike. This is just one of the many reasons hiring a dedicated legal advocate is so important if you have been charged with committing a violent crime.

If I'm convicted, will the "Ban the Box" laws keep my record hidden from employers?

They will only provide discretion up until the point that an employer decides to offer conditional employment. This law, which has been in effect since 2018, is an effort to foster employment decisions based on your skills, education, and work history rather than your criminal record. But eventually, the employer will be able to see all non-expunged convictions, and you can be sure that they will influence their decision. Our law firm can work to minimize the charges you face or have them dropped completely in order to protect your professional future.

Will criminal charges affect my parenting time or parental rights?

If you have pending criminal charges but the case remains open, your attorney can argue that this should not be a consideration when it comes to your custody arrangement. However, judges have the right to allow charges to be a factor in their decision, especially if the charges relate to a very serious or violent crime. As part of a law firm that frequently handles family law cases, our criminal lawyers can play an invaluable role in helping to put these charges into perspective and work toward having those charges reduced or dropped in your criminal case.

Our attorneys have helped many clients by countering these charges and demonstrating that they don't fit the crime, your rights were violated at some point, or that you are absolutely innocent.
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