Divorce Lawyer

Men face stigmas and other disadvantages in divorce cases that can affect the fairness of custody arrangements, alimony, and more.

That's why it's so important to have a divorce lawyer who understands the challenges men face during the dissolution of a marriage.

To receive help from a proven, dedicated family law team, contact the attorneys at The Dadvocates now.

Divorce Lawyer

Men face stigmas and other disadvantages in divorce cases that can affect the fairness of custody arrangements, alimony, and more.

That's why it's so important to have a divorce lawyer who understands the challenges men face during the dissolution of a marriage.

To receive help from a proven, dedicated family law team, contact the attorneys at The Dadvocates now.

We Help Fathers Throughout Colorado

The divorce attorneys of The Dadvocates have helped men all over Colorado with complicated family law cases. We have offices throughout the state:

  • Aspen
  • Boulder
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  • Broomfield
  • Colorado Springs / El Paso County
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  • Durango
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To speak with family law attorneys who understand the challenges men and fathers face when a marriage ends, request a consultation online.

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Kristine Johnson

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Thanks to The Dadvocates' guidance and professionalism, navigating a complex divorce was significantly easier. With their strategic approach and meticulous attention to detail, they ensure their clients receive the best possible outcome.

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I can wholeheartedly affirm that The Dadvocates are a source of hope for parents pursuing justice. Their unwavering commitment to their clients' cases is truly inspiring. With their valuable guidance and legal expertise, my friend achieved a favorable outcome and established a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

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No-Fault Divorce

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. This means that a spouse can file for the dissolution of their marriage for any reason.

In other words, a spouse does not need to be blamed for the end of a marriage. However, a spouse's conduct can affect the outcome of the divorce proceedings, particularly when it comes to child custody and visitation rights.

Am I Eligible to File for Divorce in Colorado?

In order to file for a dissolution of marriage in the state of Colorado, you or your spouse must have lived in the state for at least 91 days

Contact The Dadvocates Divorce Attorneys Dedicated to Men and Fathers

Men throughout Colorado can count on The Dadvocates to provide strong representation aimed at achieving fair outcomes in court that protect your children's best interests. To speak with a lawyer about how we can help you through the divorce process and other family law matters, contact us online or call our law practice:

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Caring and Compassionate Divorce Lawyers

"The lawyers are passionate about ensuring fathers maintain meaningful relationships with their children. I'm grateful for their legal expertise and commitment to fairness in child support negotiations. I couldn't have asked for better representation." Peter Shaw - 5-Star Google Review - 2023

Men Can Also Be Domestic Violence Victims

If you or your children have been abused by your spouse, the lawyers at The Dadvocates can help protect you and your family from further harm.

How Domestic Violence Accusations Affect Divorce Cases

In Colorado, a conviction is not necessary when it comes to accusations of domestic violence influencing a divorce. It must only be proven that domestic violence is more likely to have occurred than not. If a judge determines that the accusations are probably true, it can affect:

Child Custody and Parenting

Allegations of child or spousal abuse can jeopardize your chances of being a part of your child's life. An abused spouse may request parenting time restrictions as well as supervised visitation.

Spousal Maintenance

Financial obligations to an ex-spouse can increase after abuse allegations. Conversely, if it can be demonstrated that the spouse who stands to receive alimony was abusive, it can jeopardize their legal entitlement to alimony. 

Division of Assets and Debts

Abuse allegations can also affect the distribution of property. In this case, it would need to be proven that the domestic violence resulted in the inability of a spouse to pursue a career or further their education.

If You Face Domestic Violence Accusations Our Attorneys Can Provide the Defense You Need

Our divorce attorneys provide strong and fair legal representation whenever child or spousal abuse allegations arise in divorce proceedings.

Addressing Past Abuse

Our attorneys will note past allegations of domestic violence and your efforts to reform. We can also seek modification of a protection order so you can have access to your children and be a responsible father.

Fighting False Allegations

False domestic violence allegations can harm a man's reputation and affect the outcome of a divorce. We will offer a compelling defense to ensure these false accusations do not negatively affect proceedings.

Need to Speak with a Divorce Lawyer? Contact The Dadvocates

Divorce is often complicated and contentious. When children are involved, it becomes especially crucial to achieve an outcome that will ensure an upbringing that provides the nurturing and other resources they need. The Dadvocates is a law firm dedicated exclusively to helping men and fathers throughout Colorado achieve the best possible outcome in a divorce and other family law matters. Don't wait any longer to enlist the dedicated legal advocacy you need. To schedule a consultation, contact our law firm online or call us directly:

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Amazing client care and communication. Can't say enough to thank these highly talented law experts!

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Their dedication to helping families navigate complex legal matters is evident in every aspect of their work. Their team combines knowledge and compassion to provide guidance and support.

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The Process of Dissolving a Marriage in Colorado

Our lawyers are here to handle every aspect of the complex divorce process.
Our lawyers are here to handle every aspect of the complex divorce process.

Complete the Necessary Forms

Whether filed jointly or independently, the first step in initiating a divorce is filling out the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Having an attorney on your side at this early stage can ensure the paperwork is prepared correctly.

Filing the Forms with the Court

The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and accompanying forms must be filed with the district court in the county in which you or your spouse resides.

Serving Your Spouse

If you filed the petition, your spouse must be served the divorce paperwork. After being served, your spouse will have 21 days to respond. If your spouse refuses to be served, your lawyer can assist with publication (in a newspaper or other approved publication) to notify your spouse of the divorce case.

Financial Disclosures

Next, spouses must disclose all assets and debts as well as information on bank accounts and retirement funds.

Initial Status Conference (ISC)

The Initial Status Conference happens within 42 days of filing the petition. This meeting allows lawyers for both spouses to identify any relevant issues that may arise in the divorce proceedings.


The discovery phase allows attorneys to gain additional information about a spouse's finances, including clarification about assets, debts, and accounts.

Temporary Orders 

Temporary orders can be issued regarding access to children and financial support. These orders typically remain in effect until the divorce case has concluded. Your divorce attorney can protect your children's best interests when it comes to temporary orders.


Most counties in Colorado require mediation. This is a process involving both spouses and their lawyers meeting with a neutral mediator in an attempt to achieve an agreement regarding property division, custody, alimony, and other issues out of court. 

Permanent Orders Hearing

This is the point at which a judge will issue a decision regarding all matters relating to the divorce. Depending on how mediation goes, this hearing can take a matter of minutes or an entire day. 

Appeals & Post-Decree Motions

The judge's decision is not entirely permanent; if either party is dissatisfied with the outcome, they can file an appeal. And if future changes in either spouse's life call for relocation, adjustments in alimony or child support, or other modifications to the divorce agreement, these can be proposed as part of what are called "post-decree motions."

Child Custody and Parental Responsibility

In the state of Colorado, child custody is referred to as "parental responsibility." Different terms are also used to refer to aspects of custody and visitation:

Parenting Time

Parenting time is often called physical custody in other states. Our attorneys can help you seek more parenting time with your child or limit your spouse's parenting time.

Decision Making

Decision making refers to the legal custody of a child, or the amount of influence one parent is legally entitled to regarding a child's education, religion, and other important aspects of their lives.

We Are Willing to Stand Against the Odds

Infographic on dads as custodial parents

*According to the U.S. Census Bureau

If it would serve your children's best interests to reside with you, that is the outcome we are prepared to fight for on your behalf.

A Child's Best Interests Steer Custody Disputes

Courts focus on the best interests of a child when it comes to parenting and caregiving decisions. This essentially means the health, happiness, security, and development of your son or daughter.

Factors that help determine if decisions are in a child's best interests include:

  • A parent's physical and mental health
  • The safety and stability of a household
  • The wishes of a child (if they are old enough to express preference - this is up to the courts to determine)

Fathers can depend on The Dadvocates to help the courts make decisions that will best serve their children's needs when it comes to the divorce process and other family law matters.

"My attorney Olivia Larson is the best! Olivia has made this whole process so much easier on me and my family, she is kind, smart, informative and I know she truly cares about my case. My family is so blessed to have Olivia on our side, my daughter means the world to me and Olivia continues to fight hard to make sure that my daughter ends up in the best situation possible during this very difficult time in our lives. If you want the absolute best attorney on your case then call and ask for Olivia Larson because I promise you she will fight hard for you!" hunter wells-kimbley - 5-Star Google Review - 2022

Prenuptial Agreements in Divorce Cases

If you and your spouse have a prenuptial agreement, your divorce lawyers can review the provisions to confirm their validity and apply them to your divorce proceedings. A properly drafted prenuptial agreement can help avoid a lengthy court battle over financial matters.

Child Support Payments

What Child Support Covers

Child support covers basic expenses in the upbringing of a child, including medical care and childcare needs. It can also include support for extracurricular activities and college.

Calculating Payments

Colorado uses a child support guidelines formula to calculate payments, which takes into account both parents' incomes and parenting time. Our lawyers will help ensure fair payment amounts.

Modifying Payments

As your finances or those of your ex-spouse change, support can be modified. An attorney can pursue payment modifications as needed while putting your child's best interests first.

Schedule a Consultation with The Dadvocates

Division of property, child custody, and visitation rights are decisions that will affect your children - and you - for the rest of your lives. The Colorado divorce attorneys at The Dadvocates help men achieve outcomes that allow them to provide the very best quality of life for their children. To speak with family law attorneys who understand the unique challenges you face, schedule a consultation or call us at:

(720) 749-2876

Division of Property Splitting Assets and Debts

In the state of Colorado, property is distributed between divorcing spouses. The types of property the courts will consider include:

Marital Property

Marital property is subject to division. It includes any assets or debts acquired during the marriage, the marital home, furnishings, shared vehicles, business ventures, and investments. Our law firm fights to ensure all marital property is accounted for during divorce proceedings, and that it is divided fairly.

Separate Property

Separate property is not divided. It includes any assets or debts that a spouse had prior to marriage. It also includes any gifts or inheritance given to a spouse. Our divorce lawyers will ensure that all property that is legally yours remains your own following the divorce proceedings.

Complicated Assets

Do you and your ex-spouse own a business together? Have you made joint investments or have retirement accounts naming one of you as a beneficiary? These assets are subject to division. It's not a simple process, but the Dadvocates will stand by you to uphold your best interests when it comes to the division of these complex assets.

Spousal Maintenance

The Purpose of Spousal Maintenance

Also known as alimony, spousal maintenance helps mitigate the financial hardships of a divorce on someone who was not employed or earned less than their spouse. While men are often the primary wage earner in a household, our law firm will settle for nothing less than fair spousal support for stay-at-home dads and men who earned less than their spouses.

Modifying Spousal Support

Much like changes in child support, it is also possible to seek modifications to spousal maintenance based on financial needs. During these family law disputes, our lawyers can identify financial hardships that affect your ability to make maintenance payments, or increases in your spouse's income that eliminate the need for support.

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I'm not sure any other legal practices in the city are as knowledgeable about what is going on in family law, divorce, and criminal defense. The Dadvocates is a top-notch law firm.

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Maria Conway

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Referred to The Dadvocates by a close friend of mine who was an ex-client. I had a lot of questions about my divorce cases before we met, and he answered all my questions with care. Their staff is also friendly, knowledgeable, and professional at all times.

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Military Divorce  Special Considerations for Service Members

Our divorce attorneys can help you navigate the unique complexities of a military divorce if you or your spouse are service members. They can help determine if you should file in Colorado, handle paperwork and other essential steps if you or your spouse is currently deployed, and protect your best interests when it comes to pension and other aspects of military divorce.

Colorado Divorce FAQs Answers Regarding This Specialized Area of Family Law

What is the difference between divorce, separation, and annulment?

  • A divorce is the legal termination of a marital relationship. After divorce proceedings, spouses are no longer married to one another.
  • A separation does not end a marriage. However, spouses divide assets, come to agreements regarding custody, child support and alimony, and no longer live with one another.
  • An annulment invalidates a marriage. Annulments are sought when a marriage is determined to be illegal or fraudulent. Following an annulment, the marriage did not legally happen.

How long does it take to get divorced?

If spouses are in agreement from the start of the process, a divorce can be finalized in Colorado in as little as 91 days. If there are contentious disagreements between spouses about custody, child support, alimony, or other issues, divorce proceedings can take more than a year.

Should I move out of our home during the divorce?

Moving out may be essential in certain situations (such as your spouse being abusive). However, if you voluntarily move out of the marital home just to keep the peace, it could influence a judge to determine that your spouse should have most of the parenting time. Creating a temporary written agreement regarding visitation can help demonstrate to the courts that you are committed to remaining a significant part of your children's lives if you voluntarily move out.

Meanwhile, it's important to remember that moving out won't necessarily reduce your chances of being awarded the marital home. In short, talk to a lawyer if you are unsure if moving out serves your children's best interests.

Can I challenge a prenuptial agreement?

Yes. Common grounds to challenge a prenup include:

  • The prenuptial agreement was not in writing
  • The prenup was signed without access to legal representation
  • A spouse was coerced or misled into agreeing to the prenuptial agreement
  • A spouse did not fully disclose their assets
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