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As a father, negotiating a fair parenting agreement can be exhausting and disheartening. Relocation of either parent can complicate things. 

The Dadvocates are the only child custody lawyers in Colorado exclusively focused on protecting the rights of fathers.

We believe your kids benefit from spending as much time with Dad as possible. Learn more about how we serve men throughout the state in matters of custody by booking your initial consultation.

Dads Have Rights Let Us Help You Protect Them

In Colorado, it is illegal for the court to consider a parent's sex when making a custody decision. Nevertheless, men can face an uphill battle when they try to secure sole or joint custody of their children.

Outdated sexist stereotypes, unfair expectations, and false accusations often combine to rob fathers of proper roles in their children's lives. 

The Dadvocates exist because we know that men need aggressive, knowledgeable representation in family court. If you are ready to fight for more time with your children, we encourage you to request a consultation with our lawyers. You can contact us online or give us a call.

"In determining parenting time or decision-making responsibilities, the court shall not presume that any person is better able to serve the best interests of the child because of that person's sex."

- C.R.S. 14-10-124

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Peter Shaw

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The lawyers are passionate about ensuring fathers maintain meaningful relationships with their children. I'm grateful for their legal expertise and commitment to fairness in child support negotiations. I couldn't have asked for better representation.

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Ruben Figueroa

Woodland Hills, CA


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I couldn’t have picked a better law firm. I did months of research before finally choosing The Dadvocates and I’m so glad I did. The overall experience was great. The staff is very professional and attentive to my needs or questions and concerns. This is exactly what you want when you’re going through a custody case. I got exactly what I wanted for myself and my daughter. I’m forever thankful to Mr. Joel Goldman, Adrine, and the rest of the team.

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Why the Dadvocates? A Law Firm Like No Other

Defending Fathers

We are the only law firm in Colorado exclusively focused on men's legal issues. Our attorneys know how difficult it can be for men to win in family court, and we want to change that.

Criminal and Family Law

Our child custody cases often involve accusations of serious crimes. Our law firm employs both child custody lawyers and criminal defense lawyers that work together for your benefit.

Whatever It Takes

Other child custody attorneys may be afraid of court, but not us. Our attorneys will go above and beyond to help you secure as much time with your children as possible.

What Determines Child Custody? Factors Courts Consider

When making a child custody decision, judges in Colorado take a number of factors into consideration. Their goal is to examine the case and approve a parenting plan that meets the child's best interests in terms of parenting time (physical custody) and parental responsibility (legal custody. Factors they consider include:

  • The child's safety
  • The mental and emotional wellbeing of the child
  • The wishes of the parents
  • The wishes of the child (if the child is deemed sufficiently mature)
  • The parents' relationship with each other
  • The child's relationship with both parents
  • The child's ability to adjust to a new home, school, or community
  • The mental and physical health of the child and the parents
  • Each parent's ability to encourage the child to love and respect the other parent
  • Each parent's history of commitment to the child
  • The physical distance between the parents' residences
  • Each parent's ability to place the needs of the child before his or her own needs
  • The ability of the parents to cooperate and agree when making decisions related to the child

What Is Not Considered

In child custody cases, judges are prohibited from basing their decisions on:

  • Conduct of the parents that is not related to their relationships with the child
  • The sex of the parents
  • The fact that either parent requested genetic testing of the child
"My case lasted over a year and their team was always very attentive to my questions and concerns. If you want what is best for your child, or have an ex who is trying to take advantage of you,  trust that you will be in great hands with the Dadvocates." Ron M., 5-Star Google Review

Get Started with a Consultation

The Dadvocates are ready to serve you. If you are a man in Colorado who needs help with a child custody case, contact our Denver headquarters to schedule a consultation. So that we can serve dads from every corner of the state, we have offices in: 

  • Aspen
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Virtual consultations are also available. Book your appointment by filling out our online form or calling:

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After having numerous issues with my previous counsel I hired TheDavocates lawfirm. Joel and Adrine kept me advised of the progress, always returned my calls and emails. My final settlement was far and away greater than what I had expected. I will refer the firm to friends and family if they are needed. Thank you!

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Matthew Boden

Denver, CO


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Becky Briggs, and her team were very professional from day one. She went above and beyond as my lawyer, always following up with any/all updates, and news on my case. Her knowledge, and skills as a attorney are top notch, and would highly recommend her and the firm for all your legal needs!

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What to Expect Child Custody Step-by-Step

When parents decide to divorce or separate in Colorado, here is what they can expect before arriving at a state-approved custody arrangement:
Rest assured you will have the assistance of a family law attorney at every step of the process.
Rest assured you will have the assistance of a family law attorney at every step of the process.

Submit Parenting Plan

Separating couples must fill out and submit parenting plan forms to the court. If the parents are able to agree and work together, they can sign and submit one form. However, if the parents disagree on parenting arrangements, they will submit separate forms.

Court Review

A judge in family court will review the parenting plan documents. If the parents have signed the same parenting plan, the court will most likely approve that plan. If the parents submit two different plans, the judge will likely order them to attend parenting classes or go through mediation.

Court Decision

If the parents were able to come to an agreement through mediation, the court will likely approve their agreed-upon parenting plan. However, if the parents still disagree, the judge will design and approve a parenting plan that meets the child's best interests.

Talk to a Lawyer Today

Designing a parenting plan without the help of a child custody lawyer can be difficult. Fortunately, The Dadvocates are ready and waiting to talk to you. We are always available, and we are able to assist you remotely if necessary. Contact our law firm now so we can get started on your case as soon as possible. 

"This law firm is phenomenal. They made it possible my father in law to spend more time with his daughter. The look on my father in law face and the warmth in his heart was priceless after finding out that he was granted more rights than he had before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Jai G,, 5-Star Google Review

What's Covered in a Parenting Plan? The parenting plan you submit to the court will specify:

Allocation of Decision-Making Responsibility

You must declare whether decisions related to your child's education, health, religion, and activities will be made jointly or by a specific parent.

Allocation of Parenting Time

You must design a schedule that specifies which parent the child will live with on certain days of the week, how the child will be transported between residences, and how you and the other parent will make decisions related to special occasions, holidays, and vacations.

Relocation Agreement

You will create and sign an agreement that specifies how any future relocations will be handled.

Financial Obligations

You will calculate the amount of child support each parent is responsible for and agree on other financial matters.

Other Agreements

You will have the opportunity to create and agree to any other terms related to parenting your child. You and the other parent must also agree on how any future disputes will be resolved.

Child Custody

and Child Support

Child custody and child support are separate considerations, but of course, they affect one another. The amount of parenting time you are awarded will influence the amount of child support you owe or are owed.

It's important to note that a failure to pay child support does not nullify a parent's custody rights.

Calculating child support is a complicated process, but our lawyers are adept at the task. When you hire our attorneys, we will make sure that the other party does not take advantage of you during support negotiations.

Child Custody and Mediation

Divorcing or separating parents will have the opportunity to mutually agree on a parenting plan through mediation. The parents can independently choose to settle the details of their separation through mediation, or mediation may be ordered by the court in some cases.

During mediation, separating parents can negotiate the particulars of their parenting plan with the aid of a trained third-party mediator. Each parent is able to have an attorney present. Many men and women find mediation preferable to traditional court proceedings because it is less intimidating and more collaborative.

If the divorcing or separating parents are ultimately unable to come to an agreement through mediation, the court will eventually step in and issue a unilateral ruling.

At the Dadvocates, we have lawyers trained in mediation. If this is the direction you choose to go, we can be by your side to ensure your rights as a father are respected.

Colorado Child Custody FAQs

Is Colorado a 50-50 state?

No. There is no law or mandate that automatically divides parenting time evenly. Parenting time will be allocated in whatever way the court decides is best for the child. In most circumstances, that does involve significant time with both parents.

If the court determines that I committed domestic violence, or if I have a criminal record, does that mean I can no longer have a relationship with my child?

Not necessarily. Judges generally want to approve a parenting plan that allows the child to maintain a relationship with both parents. If you can convince the court that spending time with your child will not put your child in danger, you could still be awarded some parenting time.

Do grandparents have any visitation rights?

Not necessarily. Grandparents or any other third party do not have a legal right to visitation or decision-making responsibility. However, those rights can be acquired through a court order if the child's parents are deemed unfit.

When is a child old enough to make their own decision about where to live?

Colorado family law does not specify a certain age at which a child is old enough to have a say in their own living arrangements. Rather, a child's wishes can be considered when he or she is deemed "sufficiently mature to express reasoned and independent preferences" (C.R.S. 14-10-124).

What is supervised visitation?

If the court determines that it would not be safe for a parent to spend time alone with the child, the court may order supervised visitation. This means that a social worker must be present whenever the parent spends time with the child.

What are parental education programs?

Parental education programs are parenting classes that the court may order divorcing parents to attend. The classes focus on the impact of divorce on children and on teaching co-parenting skills to separated parents.

Do I need a child custody lawyer?

The law does not require you to work with a child custody attorney. You are welcome to represent yourself in these matters. However, Colorado family law is complex, and it can be difficult to make sure all of your legal bases are covered without the proper training. Our law firm highly recommends that all parents–especially fathers–work with a qualified child custody lawyer when they are going through a divorce or a separation.

Kids Need Dads

Our law firm was founded on the idea that children have better lives when they have relationships with their fathers. If your child's mother, her lawyer, or the courts are trying to keep your children from you, we want to help.

Request a consultation by contacting us online or by calling:

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Nick Haneca

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The Dadvocates are amazing! They worked very diligently throughout my extreme divorce process giving it the utmost attention. I ended up with primary custody of my three children. I cannot thank The Dadvocates enough for representing me and supporting me though a very difficult time. The Dadvocates are professional, hard working and very passionate about their work.

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James Cairns

Woodland Hills, CA


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 I thank dadvocates for the time spent with me. Thank You for giving Dad's a voice, we often are overlooked in so many aspects in a relationship, the bond dads have with their children are as strong as the relationship with their mom and to retain this dadvocates, has that at heart.

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The Dadvocates are the only lawyers exclusively focused on protecting the rights of fathers. Our attorneys have received awards and prestigious recognitions from Super Lawyers, Avvo, and the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. We assist dads in a variety of legal matters, including:

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