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If you have been charged with DUI or DWAI in Colorado, you face serious consequences that may include jail time and a loss of your license.

At The Dadvocates in Colorado, our criminal defense attorneys protect the rights of men charged with drunk driving.

Why are we the best choice to handle your DUI case?

Knowledgeable DUI Attorneys

Record of Success

Our criminal defense team includes accomplished defense lawyers who have successfully represented clients accused of crimes in numerous high-profile cases.

Best Possible Outcome

Every member of our team is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our DUI clients. Our DUI lawyers prepare your case with the intention of going to trial, and we only accept a plea deal if it serves your best interests.

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I couldn’t have picked a better law firm. I did months of research before finally choosing The Dadvocates and I’m so glad I did. The overall experience was great. The staff is very professional and attentive to my needs or questions and concerns. This is exactly what you want when you’re going through a custody case. I got exactly what I wanted for myself and my daughter. I’m forever thankful to Mr. Joel Goldman, Adrine, and the rest of the team.

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Greg Norris


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When a family splits, its easy to feel left in shock, confused, over-whelmed and often times completely and totally alone in the fight. Having a team like the one at SH Law behind you is invaluable. Attorney Samera Habib and her team make me feel less alone in this. They make me feel like I have support. I would recommend SH Law to ANY Parent facing difficult separation or custody matters. They really do feel like part of OUR team at this point. My son and I. Thanks SH Law!

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If you have been charged with drunk driving or a related offense in Colorado, time is of the essence. In fact, there is a limited amount of time after your arrest to request a hearing to keep your license. For the best possible DUI defense, schedule a consultation with The Dadvocates in Colorado today.

During your consultation, our lawyers will listen to your story and ask questions about the details of your case. After gaining a full understanding of your situation, our attorneys will be able to explain how we can help you and recommend your best course of action.

Don't let one unfortunate incident affect the rest of your life. Get in touch with our DUI lawyers today by contacting us online or calling

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A Focus on Men's Legal Issues

Our law firm is the only firm in Colorado to exclusively focus on men's legal issues. Our lawyers know that men face unique challenges after a DUI charge, and we take pride in helping men navigate the complexities of a criminal proceeding.

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A DUI conviction in Colorado doesn't just affect you. It will have significant implications for any fathers and their families who are divorced, separated, or going through a divorce. The courts or an ex-spouse may try to alter a child custody arrangement or other legal agreements after a DUI. In this situation, our DUI lawyers can work alongside our respected family law team to make sure that the father remains as large a part of his children's lives as possible.

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"Knowledgeable, Honest, and Thorough."

"Samera was amazing!  Knowledgeable, honest & thorough.  She answered all my questions & even advised on the next steps to take."
Terri Pennel - 5-Star Google Review - 2020

How to Win a DUI Case

The DUI Lawyers at The Dadvocates in Colorado have a variety of strategies for helping our clients achieve reduced or dismissed charges in a misdemeanor or felony drunk driving case. As they investigate the details of your arrest, our attorneys will consider several questions, including:

Were you actually the driver?

A surprising amount of DUI cases are thrown out of Colorado courts after it is proven that the person charged with drunk driving wasn't actually the driver of the vehicle.

Was the traffic stop legal?

Police are not allowed to stop drivers for just any reason. To pull you over, an officer needs to have probable cause. Our lawyers will review the officer's account and determine whether the claim of probable cause is legitimate.

Were tests administered properly?

Field sobriety tests and chemical tests are not foolproof. Numerous errors in how tests are administered and samples are handled can lead to test results being deemed inadmissible in court. Our criminal defense lawyers have helped many clients thanks to their advanced knowledge of the legalities and science of these tests.

What to Do after Getting Charged with DUI

1. Record the Details of the Stop and Arrest

The burden is on the state to prove that you committed a crime. There are many ways that our DUI lawyers can get your charges dismissed or reduced by showing that proper protocols weren't followed, whether by law enforcement or lab technicians. As soon as you can, record the following details for our defense attorneys:

  • Where were you stopped?
  • What time were you stopped?
  • Did the officer say why you were stopped?
  • What information did you tell the officer?
  • What types of tests were performed? How were they performed? Include as much detail as possible.

2. Request a DMV Hearing

If you work with our defense attorneys within the first week after your arrest, we can handle requesting your DMV hearing to extend your license privileges. If you haven't started working with a DUI defense law firm, you will need to file the paperwork on your end.

3. Contact a DUI Attorney

One of the first things you or a loved one should do in any criminal defense case is to contact a law firm. At The Dadvocates, our DUI lawyers have handled hundreds of these cases for men, including men with family and custody issues, and we will do everything we can to obtain the most favorable outcome. Contact our DUI defense law firm online to ask a question about your DUI case or request a consultation. You can also reach our DUI attorneys by phone:

DUI Types and Penalties

The Colorado General Assembly's Office of Legislative Legal Services summarized the state's drunk driving laws and penalties (last updated in September of 2018). The penalties for the following types of DWAI and DUI include:

First DWAI Offense

This is a misdemeanor crime that can result in two to 180 days of jail time, a $200 to $500 fine, 24 to 48 hours of public service, eight points on your driving record, and no license suspension.

First DUI Offense

This is a misdemeanor crime that can result in five days to one year of jail time, a $600 to $1,000 fine, 48 to 96 hours of public service, 12 points on your driving record, and a nine-month license suspension.

Second DWAI and/or DUI Offense

This is a misdemeanor crime that can result in ten days to one year of jail time, a $600 to $1,500 fine, 48 to 120 hours of public service, eight points on your driving record for a DWAI and 12 points for a DUI, and a 12-month license suspension. For motorists convicted of two DUIs (not DWAI) offenses, an ignition interlock device will be installed for two years after their license has been reinstated.

Third DWAI and/or DUI Offense

This is a misdemeanor crime that can result in 60 days to one year of jail time, a $600 to $1,500 fine, 48 to 120 hours of public service, eight points on your driving record for a DWAI and 12 points for a DUI, and a 24-month license suspension. For motorists convicted of three DUIs (not DWAI) offenses, an ignition interlock device will be installed for two years after their license has been reinstated.

Fourth or Subsequent DWAI and/or DUI Offense

This is a class 4 felony crime that can result in two to six years of imprisonment, three years of parole, $2,000 to $500,000 in fines, and a 24-month license revocation.

Under 21 Drinking and Driving (UDD) Offenses

According to Colorado DUI laws, drivers under the age of 21 can be convicted of drinking and driving if their BAC (blood alcohol level) is at least 0.02 but less than 0.05. For first-time offenders, this is a class A traffic infraction; no jail time is required, but drivers can be fined $15 to $100, be required to complete up to 24 hours of public service, and have their license suspended for three months.

For subsequent offenses, this is a class 2 traffic misdemeanor that can result in 10 to 90 days in jail, a $150 to $300 fine, and up to 24 hours of public service. For a second offense, the driver's license is suspended for six months; for third and subsequent offenses, the license is suspended for one year. In addition, four points are added to a person's driving record each time they are convicted of this crime.


"A truly amazing team.  They will fight hard for what is right."


John Carter


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Samera Habib is a consummate professional who takes her responsibilities personally and handles her affairs diligently and with integrity.  Her clear thinking and open-minded approach gives her a distinct advantage over most of her peers.  Always very responsive and incredibly polite, her demeanor and optimism make interacting with her delightful.  She is very well prepared for meetings, highly organized and very creative.  I recommend Samera Habib enthusiastically and without reservation.

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Ron Morales


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Kaitlyn, Samera, and their team are truly amazing. They will fight hard for what is right, and the firm truly is experts in high conflict cases. If you want what is best for your child, or have an ex who is trying to take advantage of you, trust that you will be in great hands with the Dadvocates. They are very professional and courteous. Divorce/custody was the most stressful event in my life, the firm did all they could to take the weight off my shoulders and put my mind at ease. Truly thank you all for all your efforts in this case!

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Increased Penalties and Fees

Habitual Offenders

If you have three or more serious traffic convictions in the last seven-year period, you can face a five-year driver's license revocation. Serious traffic offenses include DUI, reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and more. Motorists can also become habitual offenders if they accumulate too many DMV points within a five-year period.

High BAC

As illustrated by the differences in DUI vs. DWAI case penalties, a person's BAC level affects the degree of punishment. When drivers have extremely high BAC levels, which the state of Colorado has set at 0.15, they may be classified as persistent drunk drivers and subject to greater penalties.


In addition to the penalty fees listed for each type of DUI case, defendants are also responsible for surcharges. Court costs, DMV fees, and IID costs (including installation and routine maintenance) can increase the overall expenses after a DUI conviction.

Reduce Your Sentence
Contact an Attorney

In some cases, a portion of the minimum mandatory jail sentence can be suspended if the driver agrees to undergo an alcohol treatment program. In addition, license revocation may be reduced in first-time cases if offenders have an IID installed. A lawyer can help you avoid a DUI conviction and get the best possible outcome in your case. Contact The Dadvocates online to send us a message or request a consultation. You can also reach us by phone at:

"Diligent, detail-oriented, and exceptionally respectful."


Heidi Wells


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Trish Wilkerson, a family law paralegal, at the dadvocates, is caring, knowledgeable, and professional. I strongly recommend this firm for any of your family law needs.

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Kaitlyn Write is a fantastic lawyer and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is diligent, detail oriented, and exceptionally respectful. I recommend her highly.

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DUI Law: What Are My Rights?

Officer presenting a breathalyzer to driver

What Tests Am I Required to Take?

According to the law, drivers are required to consent to take a blood, breath, saliva, or urine test when a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When a DUI arrest occurs, drivers must take these tests. Failure to do so can result in driver's license revocation.

Man taking field sobriety test

Should I Take a Field Sobriety Test?

You don't have to submit to roadside tests, though officers may use intimidating tactics to gain consent. Whether or not they have probable cause, officers want you to take these tests to strengthen the case against you. These tests can help law enforcement gain enough evidence to establish probable cause in your arrest.

There are no legal percussions in court or at the DMV if you refuse field sobriety tests. If officers do have enough probable cause to arrest you for DUI (swerving, running stop signs, smelling of alcohol, having an open container), they can arrest you without a roadside test.

Serious officer looking at driver

Should I Answer the Officer's Questions?

You don't have to answer when an officer asks you how much you've had to drink or where you have been prior to the stop. These questions can be used to build evidence against you in your case. Remain polite and decline to answer.

Contact Our Law Firm Today
Criminal Defense Is Essential

Contacting an attorney early is critical to obtain a good outcome in your DUI case. Contact us online to ask a question or call us at (720) 749-2876.

Many DUI charges are not as unbeatable as they seem. 

Our DUI attorneys will scrutinize every single element of your case to find any and all evidence that your DUI charge is illegitimate or that you have not been treated fairly under the law.


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Roman Cordova


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My experience working with Kaitlyn Wright has been nothing but phenomenal. During the case she kept me well informed and did an excellent job representing me in court. I would highly recommend the Dadvocates as a father for they know the law well and how to help dads in their hardest of times.

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Samera and her team are LIFESAVERS! I was set up with a different lawyer. This lawyer was from a larger firm and it was nearly impossible to speak with him directly - and the assistants were never able to give me an update about my case. I was so nervous that nothing was being done and decided to find a new lawyer to take over. I am SO glad I found Samera. Somebody who answers every time I call and if herself isn't available, she always returns my call within a business day.

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