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The Dadvocates PC currently has two firms in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California and in Denver, Colorado. Both firms represent dads and men facing difficult family law issues and criminal charges, usually stemming from their family law matters. Our attorneys are licensed in different states and their experience ranges from five years to over fifty years in practice, with experience in family law and criminal defense work. The attorneys are generally empathetic and their prowess as litigators really shines when they feel that their clients are being treated unjustly- they take injustice personally and are defense strategy experts. If someone wrongs their clients in court, you will see what they're really capable of.

Our passion for family law began with founder  Samera Habib (licensed and practicing in both California and Colorado), who in 2010 went through a violent divorce where she found herself constantly fighting in court to defend her time with her children. Samera had dedicated her life to her children and prioritized their needs so well that everyone who knew her, including her ex-husband, coined her as the best mom they had ever met, so when she was facing allegations that she is an unfit parent, it affected the rest of her life. Having to defend herself as a parent in a court of law based on nothing but allegations and he-said-she-said, and having to get a stranger's approval to see her children provided a much-needed reality check about the devastating state of our current family law system. Subsequently, in over a decade of practice, Samera realized that men and fathers frequently face the position that she was dealing with daily during her divorce because many men and fathers are typically on the receiving end of made-up or exaggerated allegations. For example, when parents of a young baby separate, the courts rarely question the mother's right to be with the child while in the meantime, the father has to jump through legal hoops and bureaucracy to have as little as one overnight with his child. 

As a result of her personal experiences, Samera fought passionately and vigorously for men who faced similar allegations and they naturally gravitated toward her firm because they felt heard and well-represented. In no time at all, Samera found herself with a case list that was comprised of all men, and when she told friends about this phenomenon, one of them said, "So you're a Dadvocate!" So with his permission, Samera immediately renamed her firm because she believed that something as important as the firm name should be a tribute to those we fight for rather than to ourselves. Since Samera began representing men and fathers in California and Colorado, she's found them to be the most gracious and grateful clients, particularly when they receive favorable parenting time orders and see their children after a long separation. 

 Our firm's mission is more than a business model; it's a way of life. When the opportunity arises, our team hopes to be the source of significant reform to the currently broken family law litigation system. Samera views The Dadvocates as a grassroots movement that will gain momentum and bring about changes that protect young men, like her teenage son, when they become fathers in the future. 

Our firm is ready to show you what being a Dadvocate is all about!

About The Dadvocates

The Dadvocates was spearheaded to focus on fathers' rights and men's rights. Our skilled team of legal professionals is trained to guide clients through all aspects of family law and criminal defense matters and maneuvers the system for the benefit of all men and fathers involved. Family law and criminal defense matters are rarely straightforward, especially for men, and often involves several complex variables. Throughout any proceeding, our team at The Dadvocates will strive to protect your best interests.

If you trust your case to our team, you can feel confident that you will receive personalized representation and attention.

Our Practice Philosophy

Our goal in all situations is to bring about meaningful results. Substantial alterations to the family structure or criminal charges can take a serious toll on men and their families. With our team representing you, the burden of maneuvering the complicated legal process and court system will be removed from your shoulders and placed on ours, so you can continue with your day-to-day life. 

Areas of Practice

At The Dadvocates, our firm is equipped to handle all aspects of family law and criminal defense including:

Family Law:

Criminal Defense:

The Dadvocates provide each of their clients with honest counsel and handle every case with a high level of sensitivity and professionalism. They can guide you through each step of the legal proceedings, so you are always cognizant of your rights and options.

Network of Professionals

The Dadvocates has built a strong reputation, both within and outside of the legal community. They have established a vast network of professionals throughout the state who can assist in investigation or expert testimony. These experts include:

  • Medical Experts
  • Mental health experts
  • Forensic accountants
  • Business evaluators
  • Property evaluations and appraisers
  • Mediators
  • Child and Family Investigators
  • Parental Responsibility Evaluators
  • Psychological evaluators
  • Specialized divorce therapists
  • Substance abuse evaluators
  • Private Investigators
  • Forensic Experts
  • Medical Experts
  • Rebuttal Experts 

If you trust your case to The Dadvocates, you can feel confident that you will receive personalized representation and attention.

Centrally Located Office

Our law office is centrally located and both easy to find and access. We are minutes away from most of the Denver-Metro Area Courthouses.

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Whether you are facing family law issues or criminal charges, our team can help you achieve great results. We have represented clients in a variety of complex cases. To learn more about the services we provide, contact The Dadvocates online or call (720) 749-2876 to schedule your consultation.

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The Dadvocates

The Dadvocates are the only lawyers exclusively focused on protecting the rights of fathers. Our attorneys have received awards and prestigious recognitions from Super Lawyers, Avvo, and the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. We assist dads in a variety of legal matters, including:

You can request a consultation with our firm by filling out our online form or calling (720) 749-2876.

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