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Probation Lawyer

Probation may be assigned instead of other penalties after a criminal conviction, giving the offender with a chance to move forward.

However, mistakes and misunderstanding can happen, leading to probation violations and the possible reinstatement of the original sentence.

Find out how the probation lawyers at The Dadvocates can help clients throughout Colorado minimize the consequences of these violations...

Who Is Eligible for Probation?

Criminal offenders can apply for probation, though the request may not be granted in every case. If you have been charged with a crime, our lawyers will work to get the penalties of your sentence reduced. In many cases, probation is the most favorable outcome.

Typically, individuals that have been convicted of two felonies under Colorado or federal law aren't eligible for this reduced sentencing option. However, a District Attorney can ask that this restriction be waived for non-violent offenders with no felony convictions for crimes of violence such as manslaughter, second degree burglary, and offenses against children.

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* Only applies to certain cases

What Constitutes a Probation Violation?

If you violate the terms of your probation, it can be reported by your probation officer or another authorized agency overseeing your case. Some types of probation violations include:
Being charged with a new crime
Not reporting to your probation officer for scheduled visits
Failing to pay fines associated with the case
Leaving the state without approval from your probation officer
Possession of weapons or illegal drugs
Restraining order violations
Not reporting changes in employment or address
​Failing to complete court-ordered programs on time, including those for domestic violence, anger management, and alcohol or drug abuse.

Probation Violations and Colorado's No-Bond Provision

A violation of your probation terms violates a court order and is considered a crime. If a violation is reported, the judge can issue an arrest warrant. In the state of Colorado, these warrants have a no-bond provision. In other words, offenders can't post bond and be released from jail until the judge has issued a bond amount.

That is why it is so critical for those charged with probation violations to contact an attorney immediately; a lawyer can request an immediate bond hearing and fight to get the bond amount reduced.


Probation Violation Penalties

At The Dadvocates, our lawyers understand that probation violations and new criminal charges can be the result of misunderstandings about the terms of probation or technicalities related to the case. The court can issue additional penalties, but this is not automatic. It is up to your attorney to refute the claim entirely or admit fault but the limit the consequences. Potential penalties in these cases include:

Adding new terms and conditions to your probation

Extending the length of the oversight period

Probation revocation

Reinstating all or part of the original sentence

House arrest


Jail time

Community service

Probation Violation Hearings

The Burden of Proof

Our attorneys emphasize that probation violation is a separate criminal offense from the one that resulted in sentence in the first place. Further, the burden of proof that was needed to obtain the initial criminal conviction was much stronger than the standard of proof that is required to revoke probation. It is up to the offender's lawyers to refute or provide a reasonable explanation for the violations.

Hearing Guidelines

When it comes to criminal probation proceedings, Colorado is divided into 22 judicial districts. A chief judge oversees the probation department in each district. The judge conducts the probation revocation hearing without a jury. The judge isn't required to follow the same stringent rules of evidence that are established for criminal trials. This is why it is critical to have an attorney that can provide strong evidence in your defense.

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My experience working with Kaitlyn Wright has been nothing but  phenomenal. During the case she kept me well informed and did an excellent job representing me in court. I would highly recommend the Dadvocates as a father for they know the law well and how to help dads in their hardest of times.

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