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At The Dadvocates we provide strong, personalized legal representation to help men and fathers resolve family conflicts, including divorce, child custody, and property distribution. At our firm, we understand that these disputes can be challenging, which is why we will provide you with honest guidance to help you reach an amicable solution. Family lawyer Samera Habib in Denver, Colorado handles both simple and complex family law cases and always advocates for the child's best interest. If you are a father or husband in in need of a steadfast, aggressive, yet compassionate family law attorney, contact our firm today to discuss your legal rights with Samera and her team.

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At The Dadvocates we will advocate for your rights during family legal proceedings to ensure that you have access to your children and equal or primary parenting time. 

Our Family Law Services

Our firm provides a variety of family law services, dedicated to the serving the needs of men and fathers in the state of Colorado. 


Divorces are often complex and can cause serious conflicts, especially when children are involved. Samera and her team will always advocate for your right to have maximum time with your children, striving to preserve a level of emotional and financial consistency. Her primary goal is to facilitate an amicable relationship between both parties that extends beyond divorce proceedings. However, often times an amicable relationship is impossible. When a father or husband faces tenacious and aggressive legal tactics on the other side, Samera and her team will provide the best line of defense a father or husband can dream of. Samera and her team have a solid reputation among the Colorado legal community for standing up to the most aggressive law firms and demolishing unfounded legal battles waged against their clients in court. 

Parenting Time

During a child custody battle, Samera's team will do everything in their power to ensure a child's safety, security, and wellbeing, while fighting to maximize their time with Dad. These cases involve a variety of factors, including the stability of the home, the parents' willingness to communicate and cooperate, and the child's needs. Alongside her legal team, Samera can handle complicated cases that require the removal or relocation of the child if the father's home is the most appropriate for the child. 

Property Division and Spousal Support

Depending upon assets, property division can range from simple to complex. Most parties need assistance in distributing marital assets. These can include a home, vehicles, and furnishings. In addition, income generating stocks, bonds, and jointly owned businesses must also be strategically divided. When determining distribution, the court may take into account the length of the marriage, the standard of living, and the value of property, among other factors.

The court must also determine what each party earns and issue orders for spousal support based on those findings. The courts often look at gross income without consideration for mandatory expenses. The team at S|H Law P.C. has expertise in presenting nuanced financial data to the court through legal tools such as demonstrative exhibits so that fair and equitable financial orders are reached. 

At our firm, we understand that these disputes can be challenging, which is why we will provide you with honest guidance and help you reach an amicable solution- every husband or father deserves to have a voice in court and our team can be that voice for you!

Post Decree Modification and Enforcement

Any time after divorce proceedings are finalized, court decisions and agreements are modifiable. Factors most frequently modified include spousal or child support payments as well as child custody. Often, a father or husband may face a change in income, which can affect his ability to make the agreed upon payments. Under these circumstances, support payments may be altered to accommodate a new financial situation.

Fathers and husbands may sometimes find themselves in a situation where their child's mother or ex-wife is asking for an increase of support obligation because they have obtained a raise, better employment, or a significant bonus. Our attorneys are experts in the arena of family law and can help defend you if you are in this situation. 

In addition, parenting time orders can be modified. If a father did not obtain equal parenting at the time of the divorce, a Motion to Modify Parenting Time can be filed asking the court to revisit the time share arrangement. The team at S|H Law P.C. has successfully obtained equal parenting time for fathers who were unfairly treated during the divorce. Additionally, emergency restrictions can be put in place when a child faces imminent danger with the other parents. If you feel that your child's physical, emotional, or psychological wellbeing is in imminent harm due to parenting time, we can file the appropriate motion to get you immediate relief with the court if your facts qualify. 

Whoever modification you may need, S|H Law P.C. has an expert attorney ready to work hard for you. 

Domestic Violence

Perpetrators of domestic violence are not always men! In fact, oftentimes men are victims deserving help and relief. Samera has experience representing male victims of domestic violence in family law matters and bringing the truth of the situation to the eyes of the court. She will advocate for the rights of all victims and seek maximum protection for her clients. She urges victims to remove themselves from an abusive situation and seek help immediately. Our firm works with a team of experts who can investigate and establish patterns of domestic abuse, which can help us build a strong case. 

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If you are in need of a lawyer experienced in complex family matters, our team can provide you with personal and compassionate legal representation. We are dedicated solely to family law and protecting our clients' best interests. Contact our firm online or call us at (720) 749-2876 to schedule a meeting with Samera.

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