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Samera Habib has been licensed since 2011 and is a partner at The Dadvocates P.C., a law firm that serves men in need of family law and criminal defense representation. She is licensed in California, Colorado, and local federal jurisdictions. Samera's practice is focused on complex family law litigation, with a focus on child welfare and custody issues and property settlement and division issues. She also handles Department of Human and Children's Services cases and criminal defense matters including domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and DUI/ DWAI. 

Samera built her reputation as a renowned family law attorney and serves as counsel for minor children in cases that require it. She is an experienced attorney with an extensive and exhaustive focus on complex litigation relating to fathers' rights and men's rights. Her family law practice also focuses on cases involving alienation, domestic violence, financial abuse, coercive control, and complex cultural components. 

Samera is the recipient of multiple awards, including Super Lawyers, Top Ten Best Female Attorneys, Top Family Lawyers, and Top 40 Under 40. She has given presentations and taught courses on cultural complexities within the context of family law and has expertise with cases that involve felony-level criminal charges including domestic violence and sexual assault. She has a solid understanding and command of both physical abuse and non-physical abuse such as religious abuse, gender-based violence, financial abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, coercion, and control. Most importantly, she understands that domestic inter-partner abuse has a high likelihood of leading to child abuse once parents separate.

Samera has handled hundreds of cases as first chair and has forged a solid reputation among the legal community. She has a reliable and supportive network of professionals to consult with ranging from mental health experts to forensic accountants and private investigators. She is known as a skilled and aggressive litigator who presents strongly in court. While Samera is settlement-oriented, she does not settle a case for an unfair offer or for her client's worst possible outcome in court. If her client is offered his worst day in court, she is not afraid to go straight to trial and fight for a better outcome. She believes that every child deserves to have a father and that every father who is willing deserves the opportunity to parent his child(ren). Whether trying to win your custody case or fighting to rid you of criminal charges, she is a litigator you won't regret hiring.

Samera approaches each case with a new outlook and does not simply rely on what is already in the record. You can confide in her knowing that she does not have any preconceived notions about you or your situation. Judges have commended her for always being highly prepared and for knowing the fine details of each case. She is a skilled problem-solver who brings ingenuity and creativity to the courtroom. Whether a father wants time with his children or is facing a prison sentence, Samera is the commensurate legal professional who puts her money where her mouth is. With Samera, you will have solid representation. If your case does not have any potential, she guarantees you that she will give you a fair case assessment from the onset so that you know what to realistically expect out of the court process before you become entangled in it. 

Samera's skills and success rate in the area of men's rights and father's rights have led her to resolve complex cases outside of the courtroom, without the need for hearings or trials. When a trial is necessary, Samera demonstrates a strong command of the court rules and rules of evidence, and that is apparent in her examination of witnesses. Samera has dealt with complex cases involving international custody disputes, international criminal charges, sexual abuse, and assault allegations, child abuse allegations, abduction to federally protected lands, and child abduction and kidnapping. If a father has dealt with it, Samera has seen it and resolved it. She also has a specialized level of knowledge in cases involving Middle Eastern, Muslim, and first and second-generation immigrant cultures within the context of litigation. She has represented clients in dissolving high-asset multimillion-dollar estates and companies, including complex trusts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, trademark and patent issues, and shareholder agreements. She has resolved matters that include multiple felony-level criminal charges, foster home placement, Department of Welfare treatment plans, drug and alcohol addiction, domestic violence, and civil and criminal protection orders. She has represented parties from all walks of life, including corporate partners, business owners, attorneys, physicians, professional athletes, active and retired members of the armed forces, stay-at-home parents, legal guardians, grandparents, and blue-collar workers.

Samera advocates for her clients by advising them realistically from the onset so that their expectations and goals are in line with the remedies available through the legal system. In other words, she will give you an honest evaluation even if it’s not what you want to hear, with the goal of rehabilitating your case so that you actually have a fighting chance in court. She is sensitive to the emotional, financial, and physical stresses caused by litigation. Her empathy as a family law attorney makes her a brilliant strategist who maximizes the results of the legal process through effective evidentiary strategy and preparation. She understands when certain steps must occur in your matter in order to maximize the benefits attained by each step. When formulating an effective legal strategy, staging and timing are key. Samera is confident, knowledgeable, honest, respectful, kind, assertive, professional, intuitive, empathetic, sharp, and extremely impressive on her feet when in court. These traits empower her clients with confidence, strength, and the ability to remain steadfast throughout the most difficult time of their life. In representing you, she holds herself accountable to the highest standard of excellence as though it is her own case.

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