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Becky Briggs, who is a criminal defense specialist with well over a decade of experience, handles cases with The Dadvocates as Of Counsel while also maintaining her own practice. Ms. Briggs has an immense passion for practicing criminal defense and has devoted her entire adult life to representing the accused. She has handled thousands of cases, from petty offenses to homicide. She has conducted over 75 jury trials and is licensed in California, Colorado, Virginia, and the local federal jurisdictions. Her trials have included murder, homicide, manslaughter, sexual assault, assault, battery, mayhem, and more. Her dedication, diligence, and work ethic are practically unmatched. When Becky handles a felony case, she doesn’t rest until every single detail has been attended to. She has represented individuals in municipal, state, tribal, and federal courts.

Ms. Briggs holds a Doctorate in Social Work, which she uses to help create informed mitigation packages, provide holistic representation, and engage in alternative forms of dispute resolution. Ms. Briggs is published in numerous law review journals, writing almost exclusively on criminal and constitutional law topics.

In her spare time, Ms. Briggs loves roller derby, soccer, dancing, and studying Spanish.

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