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Assault Lawyer

An assault charge in Colorado is a very serious accusation that could result in decades of prison time.

At the Dadvocates, we understand that many men accused of assault are innocent, and we protect their rights in court.

Choosing the right lawyer for your defense could be the difference between freedom or imprisonment. Why are we the right law firm for you?

Why Choose Us for Assault Defense

Committed to You

When you hire our defense lawyers, we will dedicate our complete attention to your case. We will honestly identify your best possible outcome, and then we will do whatever it takes to achieve it, even if that means we go all the way to a jury trial.

Record of Success

Our assault lawyers are very well-regarded in the criminal defense community because our law firm has been on the winning side of numerous high-profile cases over the last decade. Our team brings a wealth of legal knowledge and tried-and-true strategies to the table when representing you in an assault case.

Family Law Connection

For fathers, especially divorced fathers, felonies or misdemeanors like assault charges can have major implications on your parenting arrangements. Ex-spouses can use these charges to argue for full custody or restraining orders that may prevent dads from seeing their children at all. At the Dadvocates, our defense lawyers work alongside our award-winning family law attorneys to defend your rights in both criminal and family court.

Charged with Assault?  You Need Our Help

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If you have been charged with assault in Colorado, you should seek the assistance of a credible defense attorney as soon as possible. The stakes are too high to leave your case up to a public defender who will try to get you through the system as quickly as possible by advising you to plead guilty. You need a law firm like the Dadvocates that will really get to know you, carefully study your case, and protect your rights in court.

The first step towards hiring our attorneys is to request a consultation with us. We can conduct initial consultations in person at our legal office, or virtually over video or phone call. You can easily request a consultation by filling out our online form or calling

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I called Dadvocates to find legal advice about a particular sensitive situation I was dealing with.  I don't typically like calling law firms because I find they provide minimal advice while running up my tab.  But in this case, Jason and Kaitlyn really helped me out... These two attorneys are very professional and I really believe they have their clients' best interest in mind.
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Assault Law in Colorado

When it comes to assault cases in the state of Colorado, the law can be complicated, vague, and very open to interpretation. There are three degrees of assault in our state, and it is important to understand which one you are charged with. The basics of each charge are explained in the following table:

Severity Definition Penalty
First-degree Assault Class 3 Felony First-degree assault is usually defined as intentionally causing serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon.* Up to 32 years in state prison and/or up to $750,000 in fines
Second-degree Assault Class 4 Felony Second-degree assault is usually defined as intentionally causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon.* Up to 16 years in state prison and/or up to $500,000 in fines
Third-degree Assault Class 1 Misdemeanor Third-degree assault is usually defined as recklessly or negligently causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon.* Up to 2 years in state prison and/or up to $5,000 in fines

*These are the most common examples of these degrees of assault, however, a wide variety of other factors can affect how your charges are categorized, including intent and whether the person assaulted was an "on-duty official."

Gray Areas Everywhere

As you can see, the definitions of the different felonies and misdemeanors are very fuzzy. For example, the difference between a second-degree charge and a first-degree charge is whether the injury is "serious." Also, the difference between intentional acts and reckless acts can sometimes be a very fine legal line. Fortunately, these loose definitions can often be interpreted favorably for the accused in Colorado. Our lawyers can navigate these legal gray areas so our clients face the least serious charges possible.

Assault Defense Strategies

There are many strategies our attorneys can take when representing someone charged with assault in Colorado. The strategy we pursue with your case will depend on a variety of factors we will review in your consultation, such as the circumstances leading up to the incident in question and your criminal record. To achieve reduced or even dropped charges, our attorneys can argue:
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You are falsely accused.

Men in Colorado are falsely accused of assault all the time. If there is simply no credence to the criminal charges against you, our attorneys will work tirelessly to collect physical evidence, photo and video evidence, and eyewitness testimonies to prove to a judge or jury that you never assaulted anyone.

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You acted in self-defense.

You are always within your rights to defend yourself if you are physically attacked or threatened. If this describes your situation, our assault lawyers will work with you to build a rock-solid case that physical force was your only recourse to defend yourself. 

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The incident was accidental.

Intent is the key factor that can differentiate a felony from a misdemeanor. If you caused harm to someone accidentally, you shouldn't face penalties intended for cold-hearted criminals. The attorneys at our law firm can argue in court that the event in question was unintentional and deserving of less severe consequences.

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You acted in the "heat of passion."

The Colorado laws defining both felony and misdemeanor assaults afford reduced penalties to individuals who act "upon a sudden heat of passion." For example, if you got in a fight with another man after finding him on a date with your wife, we can argue that you were responding to a "highly provoking act" and help you face less severe assault charges.

Be There for Your Family

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At the Dadvocates, we believe that kids need as much time with dad as possible to lead a full, happy life. We make sure that men accused of assault in Colorado maintain as favorable a parenting arrangement as possible.

Dads Give Us 5 Stars "You Won't Go Wrong"


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Kaitlyn was prompt, courteous, and professional in handling my child custody and parenting legal issues. She answered all of my questions, and when it came time for our hearing, she was tenacious in representing me while still being compassionate with respect to the other party. We accomplished all we set out to and more, and at all times she kept my daughter’s best interest at heart. I would recommend Kaitlyn and the Dadvocates firm to anyone seeking legal representation in family law.

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This firm is totally amazing, very professional and hands down the best I've witness, I now have JOINT LEGAL CUSTODY, visitation in Colorado and Mississippi, they fought for me as if my child was their child. The DADVOCATES really knows about fathers rights without them my daughter wouldn't get to know my family for another 2 to 3 years. I'm telling you if you hire the DADVOCATES to fight for you, you won't  go wrong,  and have the best in the field of dads rights handling your case, I couldn't thank them enough for what they've done for me and my daughter.

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The Dadvocates are the only lawyers in Colorado exclusively focused on protecting the rights of fathers. Our attorneys have received awards and prestigious recognitions from Super Lawyers, Avvo, and the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. We assist dads in a variety of legal matters, including:

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